Thursday, 23 February 2012

Changing file formats

Many of us struggle continuously with different file formats specially document files. Some of tech savvy install many converter to change and others just live without it.
However, converting files are relatively easy using computers, but what's the solution for those who exchange mails on their smartphones? They will transfer to and fro on computer to get their desired file format which consumes a lot of time and energy.
Now, a popular tool 'zamar' converts files online which enables you to convert files by emails itself. You only need to forward those attachment and files directly to zamar, without downloading to computer and they will be converted in no time :)
How to do..
Forward the file to specific email address like where format represents the file type of desired output format.

For Example: If you want to change doc/docx file to pdf, you only need to forward the concerned file to
For converting to doc/docx/txt file forward the file to doc/docx/

Hey, but you wont get the file through email, you've to download that file from zamar website, which is not actually a big headache.

So, enjoy this fantastic service and make things easy on the go.

Stay tuned with me, for more tips and tricks..Bye..

--Pushp Raj Sagar

Monday, 26 September 2011

Knowledge is power….really!!!

The confusion goes on whether you should have thorough knowledge of the subject or superficial knowledge of the subject, but you should be smart enough to show that you know the concept....

During schooling, parents and teachers expect that you mug up the answers and score marks, in graduation it is expected that you know the concept by reading a pile of books and be able to write it down in your own way. Both the things are opposite, so in order to survive we take help of some guides and here starts the "Selective Learning". And we are happy to see our results because we are able to score marks. We adopt the same technique for further exams. Now in post graduation (MBA) it is expected that you be able to understand the concept, if not you should be smart enough to show that you know the concept.

What is knowledge? Is it remembering the concept which you have learnt in the past and should be able to recollect it whenever the question is asked? Is it knowledge or good memory? If it is expected that you be able to answer the question based on your knowledge or your memory then for that you need to revise it again and again..Is it possible??

Is it a fight between knowledge, memory, intelligence or smartness?? What's the solution?

Thursday, 22 September 2011

My great IT dilema

Nowadays whenever i come out from my IT class, i feel shattered and my self confidence broken into millions(read crores, Indian system!!) pieces. The mirror which i along with others are shown, for our corporate/job preparedness makes me feel terrible. How do i tell you that my entire future planning/whishful thinking (courtsey: My lecturer) lies groaning in front of me.
Adding pinch of salt to my wound is recent news reports which i keep coming across nowadays (i don't read usually but our lecturers' warning regarding the placement made me do this). One of the reports of NASSCOM in which it's chief announced that there will be no impact of recession on IT sector in india as companies will continue to spend for running their companies cost effectively (yeeyee I like these kind of person who talk optimistic).
While i was relaxing my heart, body and mind, Forrester research woke me up from my dream saying that global demand of technology will grow at half the pace next year. They also elaborate that Indian firm's CEOs have started feeling impact in terms of delayed decision making and actual effect will surface only next financial year i.e 2012, which is the year of our placement (ghrrr..!!).
Getting these contradictory reports i frantically started looking for reports which reduces my fear of recession and you know what i got one. This study tells that indian cloud market sets to go up by 33% and touch magical figures by 2020.
Now am i suppose to wait till 2018 and reap benefits of good cloud market !! I am so confused and that's the reason i am posting this either you gimme some nice sounding advice or get more confused than me.. :)
Have a good time :)

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

New campaigns for Airtel & Hero

I really liked the way of campaign for both the giants Airtel & Hero Moto Corp. The concept of "Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai" by Airtel is a new one for all. They want to connect the biggest constituency that is youth for their objective, which is to be the loved brand in 2015.
similarly for Hero Moto Corp. the "Hum Main Hai Hero" started on 15th August when ordinary man was calling for a change for an entire diff. variety. so it helps Hero to stand alone as a new company post the separation from Honda.

e commerce business

I was always facinated by one of the e commerce gaints "Amazon". E commerce has allways inspired me to start a business of my own with probably less expenditure and more reach into the market. Flipcart, naaptol,, etc are few business which have made there pressence felt in our market.
However, few anayst argue that the e business in U.S has hit the roof and is stagnant. the question that bothers me is will it impact our country.......

IT enabled salesman

Being a graduate from a two tier business school, Sales is the most probable profile that anyone will get. Low level marketing is also one of the prominent profile which are normally been offered to  grads like us. But then there is lot of fuss regarding these kind of profiles among the passing grads.
Possible reasons ?                                          
Less salary !
Not good image about the profile !
Tough job !
So, whatever may be the reason for not accepting these job profiles that changes from person to person and perceptions to perceptions.
Why are biz grads who are sales person are not in same pay scale as others are. Rule of thirty times profit to company Vs employee salary is not applicable everywhere. How about grads who have good IT skills and can do brand management at his/her level. In my view, a person utilizing all IT skills can do more, faster and better business than  a normal marketing guy. Using technology, salesman can also manage client relations, do advertising, promote brand awareness and do a lot more things easily and effectively rather than going, meeting and delivering a sales pitch every time.
So guys, roll up your sleeves and harness IT skills and make companies to pay you more by smart working.